It's not that complicated.

I have just returned from viewing It's Complicated.  I was actually pretty interested in seeing this as Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin are two of my favorite performers; however, I was tremendously let down.  The only thing complicated with this movie is the sense of confusion you have at the end wondering where this movie has gone and why were you willing to go there with it.  The movie was riddled with bland humor, unnecessary characters, and senseless plot twists (I don't really think that's the word I'm looking for here though.)

My major concern with the film was it's, frankly complicated, plot.  What could have been a neat story about two divorcees exploring the potential of getting back together is muddled through Baldwin's new wife, Steve Martin's "nice-guy" love interest for Streep, and the lack of direction the movie has.  Agnes is a totally unsympathetic character-- you don't feel sorry for her at all, and her role only creates unnecessarily awkward moments with Baldwin and her son.  Martin's character serves no purpose.  You never really get the sense of connection the two have until marijuana is introduced to give them a misadventurous first date, albeit with an admittedly cute scene at Streep's bakery.  Nevertheless, as viewers, we are guilted in to sympathizing with him, yet know little about him.  He's a total waste of a character.

I'm actually too angry to continue writing about this movie.  It's just pointless.

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