I do enjoy eating.  I like pretty much anything from fine cuisine to the trusty bag of Chester's Fried Cheetos.  I thought I would document what I ate today.  This seems to be the hot new trend among those hipster bloggers, so why don't I join the bandwagon!

First was breakfast.  Today I enjoyed both Cinnamon Toast Crunch and the new Peanut Butter Toast Crunch.  The Cinnamon Toast Crunch was the superior cereal both in terms of taste but also in grams of fiber (or grams of some other healthy thing.  I'm too lazy to go check the box right now).  Here is a picture:
I need to apologize.  Not only was this picture taken after I finished my breakfast, but it wasn't really even breakfast at all.  It was lunch.  You see, I had just returned from a Target shopping trip where I procured the cereal.  I actually had breakfast at Target.  It was a hot dog.  See the next picture:
Another apology, that isn't a picture of my hot dog.  Rather, it is one I found on Google.  MY hot dog had no relish on it, and far less mustard.  I also didn't drink a Coke with my lunch.  Instead I filled a cup 2/3 full of Sprint.  Then I added a bit of lemonade and topped it off by splashing just a little more Sprint in... to stir.

Which brings us to dinner.  It's 9:53, and I'm just not having my evening meal.  This is late, even for my standards.  First, the picture!
Now let me tell you how I prepared this meal fit for a lonely single guy on a Saturday night!

First, I prepared the pizza.  This was quite easy as the only ingredient needed was frozen pizza!  The pizza was a steal at 4 for $10!  Then I fashioned the the cardboard plate out of a discarded cardboard packaging insert from a frozen pizza.  The meal is nicely accented by purple / grade Gatorade G2.  The blood pressure monitor is there for good measure.

So there are my culinary treats of the day.  I know my diet isn't going to help me win any races soon (unless it's a race to diabetes or a heart condition.)  I probably would be an utter failure as a food blogger.

On a serious note, my friend Alex does have a sweet food blog.  Good eats on a budget, and a well written blog.  He makes me feel like a total failure as an adult, and ladies-- he's single!  Check it out here: Adventures in the Kitchen.

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